What Fans Are Saying…MU v. Georgia

We can’t help it…when we hear that visitors had a great experience in Columbia it makes us super excited! A couple of weeks ago, new fans in town for the Mizzou v. Georgia game had the chance to experience a football weekend in Columbia. Here’s what some of them had to say…

“Our group travels to every Georgia game, and we’ve been in every SEC city. But, obviously, Columbia was a question mark. Believe me, though, you folks didn’t disappoint. The people of Columbia were amazingly warm and welcoming, and they truly made us feel they were glad we had come to town…

…we kept hearing, “Welcome to Columbia!” And that was always followed with friendly advice on places to eat and sites to see. It was even true on campus, where our group was stopped by two different groups of students to who wanted to tell us about their school and ask about ours…

…I can’t wait until we get to come back out there.”

-Mitch Clarke: Gainesville, GA


“I have heard reports from numerous Bulldog fans about how hospitable the city of Columbia was.  It seems that for those who made the trip, the welcome they received from your city and Mizzou fans was quite memorable and appreciated!  I was told about signs in windows of shops and restaurants welcoming Bulldog fans to the city.  It made quite an impression.  Thank you and Columbia so much for your hospitality!  It sounds like you are all a very welcome addition to the SEC!”

-Kelli McCain, Athens CVB


“I am not alone in my sentiments when I tell you that we as a fan base, who travels well, have never been as warmly welcomed or as willingly accommodated as we were this weekend. Every person and business we encountered could not have done enough for us or been any nicer. We truly felt welcomed and I for one will see y’all again in two years when we return. Keep up the great work, thanks for everything again, and welcome to the SEC.”

-Thomas Beusse


We love hearing that kind of feedback as new visitors head to Columbia from the SEC. What have you loved about your time in Columbia?


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