Mizzou Homecoming: It’s the Little Things

Homecoming is a big deal in Columbia, MO. We were surprised and excited yesterday when Buzzfeed posted ‘39 Things That Make You Want To Come Home To Columbia, MO.‘ The list highlighted some of the great things that make a visit to our city during Homecoming extra special. In addition to the 39 from this list, here are a few more experiences sure to make your Homecoming weekend memorable.

-Walk through The District to see all the painted windows. During Homecoming, downtown turns black and gold when student organizations paint the front windows of businesses. Paintings go up Thursday and stay through Homecoming weekend.

-Get to the game on Saturday early enough to watch the teams warm up. Then get into the spirit when Marching Mizzou comes out on the field for the pre-game show.

-It will be a little chilly this weekend for Homecoming, but that won’t stop lines from being out the door at Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream. Home to two dozen, small-batch flavors that can range from vanilla to wasabi, it’s a vital stop on every Columbia visit.

-Love high fives? Head over to the pedestrian bridge that goes over Providence Road for Tiger Walk. Two hours before kickoff, the team and coaches walk over the bridge from the training facility to the stadium and fans line their route to see their favorite player and show their support.

-Take a short stroll on one of Columbia’s trails. We have over 40 miles of trails and the fall colors are becoming more stunning every day. Plus it’s a great way to escape the bustle of Homecoming.

-Last, but certainly not least, be a proud Missouri fan: Arrive early, Wear Gold, Be Loud, Stay Late. See you at the game!

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